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MLS Syndication Error Report

We've recently added a new report allowing you to see all MLS syndication errors in one place. Simply click on the MLS Syndication Errors link, and you’ll see a full list of those tours that experienced an error while trying to syndicate to the MLS. 


In this report you will be able to see the date the syndication attempt was made, the tour address and the customer, the MLS number, the error message, as well as the option to retry syndication directly from the report. No need to go into each individual tour to attempt syndication again! 


You can also view ALL tours syndicated to the MLS, whether successful or failed, by clicking Detailed Logs on the right.


The most common errors are due to: incorrect MLS number, something other than the MLS number or TBD is in the MLS number field, the property is not yet active on the MLS site, or the property address in TourBuzz does not match the address on the MLS listing.

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