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Stripe Connect

We’ve partnered with Stripe for storage and processing of credit cards within Tourbuzz. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction; there are no monthly fees, no different rates for AMEX, etc. They have a great online Dashboard and deposit funds quickly into your bank account.

Our Stripe connection is currently in Phase 1 and has limited functionality. Setting up a Stripe connection will allow you to: securely charge and securely store your customers credit cards. 

For help with the Stripe platform itself, please visit Stripe's support site at

In this article, we will cover: 

Connecting your Stripe Account


Step 1: Create or Connect a stripe account

You can create or connect your stripe account by heading to My Account > Account Settings > Stripe Connect. 

There you'll want to click the applicable button. 

Step 2: Fill in the appropriate information

If you clicked on "Connect to My Stripe Account

- Log in with your existing Stripe information on the next screen. 

If you clicked on "Create New Stripe Account

-Fill out the Stripe form to create your new account. 

Step 3: Collect Credit Card Information on Order Forms

If you are using our Order Forms, you have the option to collect credit card information upon order placement. The credit card will not be automatically charged, but will be saved to your customer's account for future use. 

You can make this an optional field or a required field. Or, you can opt out of collecting information upon order, and follow the instructions below.

Adding and Storing Credit Cards


Step 1: Click on Payment Methods for your customer

To do this, click on customers (under the Tourbuzz logo) and click edit on the customer you'd like to add the payment method for. Under Helpful links, you'll want to find the option that says "Payment Methods."


Step 2: Enter your customer's credit card information to safely and securely store in Tourbuzz. 


Step 3: Verify that the correct information has been saved, and repeat with any additional credit cards. 

You are able to store as many credit cards as you'd like for a particular customer. Tourbuzz will never charge these cards without your permission. 

Charging Credit Cards

You can charge a customer's credit card at any time using one of their stored cards. 

Step 1: Go to your tour editor, and click on collect payment. 

Click edit on your tour and find the option "Collect Payment" at the top under Helpful Links


Step 2: Enter in amount and charge card

On this screen, you are able to select the credit card, enter the amount, and add/edit the description. Once done, click charge

Please note: any information you enter in the description box will be included in the email receipt sent to the customer. 


Step 3: Confirm Charges

Your charge will now show up at the bottom of the screen under recent charges. Here you can confirm any and all information, as well as see the status of the charge. 

For more information, watch our videos on how to connect your Stripe Account and on Collecting Payments



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  • 0
    Travis Turner

    Glad to see that you are adding functionality!

    If we don't want to store our customers credit cards, will there be a way for the tour to remain unpublished until the customer makes a payment? 

  • 0

    Yes, that functionality is in the works and coming next! 

  • 0
    Nick King

    I am so stoked to finally see this happening. You can't add the feature that will force them to pay to see get tour published soon enough! Please add asap as we are in the midst of our busy season, and all hate having to chase down agents for money!!


  • 0
    Scott Holmes

    Good Move Tour Buzz. We need to keep coming up with ways to make things work smoothly with our customers. This will increase your biz with us for the Upload only option as well. Usually when I upload photos directly to the MLS for my clients I don't need to use it - but now that you have the credit card feature it will be one stop shopping for me.


    Scott Holmes / 8 Year Tour Buzz User

    PS - figure out some good options for us for providing Floor Plans. I have yet to find an App that I really like for creating them.

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