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Crisp Design Demo and Q & A

We just released updates to our Crisp & Sidebar designs, and we want to show them off to you! Watch our webinar above, which showcases the latest design, demos how to leverage the design and answers common questions.

What features have been added?

  • Video Playback: The highlight reel now supports video playback! If a video is within the first 8 media assets it will populate within the highlight reel. Auto play will occur on desktop devices and tap-to-play on mobile devices. Additionally, it’s important to note that there is a design option to only show 1 media asset in the highlight reel. If you have that option selected and a video is your first asset, the highlight reel will play your video.

               Crisp’s Highlight Reel In Action!

  • Panorama: We’ve added panorama support to Crisp & Sidebar. If you have a panorama in your tour, it will populate in the new panorama tab of Crisp & Sidebar.

              Glorious Pano Demo Here!

  • Fonts & Colors: You can now customize fonts & colors in Crisp & Sidebar designs to replicate brokerage firms, match your company’s theme or craft your own unique combination. Over 30 different fonts to choose from!

              Learn How to Customize Fonts & Colors Here!

  • Video Slideshow Mode: Enabling ‘Video Slideshow Mode’ will provide ‘Ken Burns Effect’ transitions to the ‘Highlight Reel’ and the gallery ‘Slideshow’. This is a visually aesthetic touch that brings a sense of motion and life to an otherwise static image.

             Video Slideshow Mode - aka ‘Ken Burn’s Effect’

  • Finally, we have added the ability for each media asset to have its own narration track. Click ‘Play Slideshow’ in the gallery tab to experience.

             Individual Media Asset Narration!

Why aren't my "Gallery only" images showing up within this design?

Within Crisp & Sidebar the menu (navigation) item that is labeled "Gallery" is just a heading title. It could be labeled images, media, etc. That feature of Crisp & Sidebar contains a grid of all images that are being used in the tour - the same images that are in the slideshow. With our Flash based designs, such as International, we have a “Gallery” feature that has the ability to contain different media assets than the slideshow.

At this point, Crisp & Sidebar do not have separate classification and / or presentation area for images that are
- Always Visible
- Never Visible
- Gallery only

Crisp is not timeline based and is more of a website layout which works a little differently. The word "Gallery" is simply a term used for that specific tab to indicate "this is where the images are." Since users are already immediately brought to the "gallery" before they can even see the slideshow, only those images marked as "both virtual tour and gallery" will be here.

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  • 0
    Jim Walters

    Will you still keep the old format? Thanks Jim

  • 0

    We will still be keeping all of our older tours, and eventually update them to improve the mobile experience, but the functionality will remain the same. 

  • 2
    Joseph Gordon

    Please have at least one HTML5 tour template where all images play as a slideshow immediately upon opening the tour (I have been using Sleek).

    Or simply add an option to Crisp template to show "all" images in the "highlight reel" (instead of 1 or 8).
    I guarantee I'm going to be dealing with customers who think there are only 8 images in the tour and can't figure out on their own that they have to click "gallery" and "slideshow" to see all images in the way they are used to. (even worse if they are on a mobile device and have to click "more" before clicking "gallery" and "slideshow").
    I dig HTML5, and I'm all for great design, but everything besides the photos is just icing on the cake.  Photos should take center stage in at least one (and in my opinion MOST) templates.
  • 0
    Carol Grape

    No sure how I missed this webinar back in April....

    Will one still be able to do a partial pano? Would we still need the FOV numbers? And would you still be able to pan L to R or R to L?

    I'm with Joseph....on the highlight reel. Some clients definitely won't get it.

    The first 8 photos aren't always the best in the tour either, so can one select the photos that will be featured?

    Once Flash is no longer available, how will our old tours play? Will we need to go and make sure they are all HTML5. I have most of my tours in the Sleek design at the moment, but some are still older.

  • 1
    Betty Huth

    I agree on the 8 image preview. I seem to live in an area when the agents are not tech savvy and they will not see more than the 8 images. I also find the lose of the Ken Burns Effect to be a big deal for my agents. They like the feel that it is video even though it is still images. Also, they prefer a slide show that incorporates the video clips with the still images. They will be less likely to have drone or ground level videos done if they are not in the slide show version rather than a separate tab and presentation. Our video is usually five clips of various parts of the house or it is drone footage. Is there any chance that this may be in the future? I also want to know what needs to be done with current tours that are using the old designs. I also am a Sleek user.


  • 0
    Burke Even

    Plus One on all images playing in the "highlight" reel.

    Plus One on the Ken Burns effect.

    Plus One on including video.


  • 0
    Bob Barnes

    Totally with Betty Huth

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