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Editing the Simplicity 2 Design

With most of our designs, you have the option to personalize and save multiple options:

Before making any major changes to your designs, click on duplicate and rename your new design. This way, you will always have the original to revert back to..

To do this, click on designs then duplicate.

Give your design a new title, then click duplicate.

Editing Colors

Within the Simplicity 2 design, you are able to change the colors of the text, background, buttons, and accents. 

To change these, simply click on "Pick Color" and select your color. Here is a guide on what each item will change: 

  • Background - Color of the main background.
  • Text on Background - Color of headings, agent name/title/phone number, as well as the text within the Menu Information.
  • Text Within Player - Color for image titles, as well as the text when you hover over the image thumbnail.
  • More Info Background - Color of the "more info" box, when Header Location is "Top with Hiding."
  • More Info Text - Color of the text on the "more info" box when Header Location is "Top with Hiding."
  • Dropdown Background - The color of the "more info" dropdown section when Header location is "Top with Hiding."
  • Dropdown Text - Color of the frame around the agent photo and logo, agent name/title/phone, Produced By, and any headings. This only applies when Header Location is "Top with Hiding."
  • Dropdown Links - Color for the menu links, as well as agent email/website.
  • Button Color - Color of the back/forward, play/pause, sound, full screen, Image Title/Description show/hide, and Floor Plan navigation buttons.
  • Accent Color - Color of the image thumbnail highlight border.
  • Thumbnail Scroll Bar - Color of the image thumbnail progress scroll bar.
  • Thumbnail Scroll Track - Color of the image thumbnail track (behind progress scroll bar).

Editing Options

In addition to changing colors, you have the following options that you are able to edit as well. Each of these options can completely change the look of your tour!


  • Title/Description Visibility
    • Start Open - Show both image titles and descriptions within tour, with the option to hide them.
    • Start Closed - Do not automatically show image titles or descriptions on the tour, but have the option to show them.
    • Disable - Do not show image titles or descriptions at all.
  • Animate Title/Description
    • No Animation - Titles will appear in the top left corner of the image.
    • Animate - Titles will scroll in from the top right to the top left of the image.

Header Location

  • Top - The header will appear static at the top of the tour.

  • Top with Hiding - The header will be hidden. A "more info" box will be located in the top right corner to dropdown the header information.

Thumbnail Mode

  • Auto - Image thumbnails will appear to the left of the tour, and will disappear after a few images. They will reappear as you move your mouse across the tour.
  • Show - Image thumbnails will be shown on the left side of the tour. 
  • Hide - Image Thumbnails will NOT be shown on the tour.

Font - Select the font you would like for the tours.

Initial Navigation Width - If a floor plan has been added to the tour, this setting will determine how much of the browser the floor plan will take up. For example:

  • Initial Navigation Width 30%
  • Initial Navigation Width 50%

Background Image

  • Player Background Image - Upload an image to appear in the background of the tour.
  • Player Background Fill Mode - Repeat the image or zoom to fill.

Mobile/Tablet Design

  • Legacy - normal mobile viewer.
  • Fit - Use our newest design for mobile/tablet viewing of tours. Because of how compatible Fit is with mobile devices, we have made it available as an alternative Mobile/Tablet design for your legacy tours. You can learn more about that here.
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