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Photographer Management Overview

If you have any photographers working for you, please contact us so we can make sure Photographer Management has been enabled for your account.

Add/Edit a Photographer

To add a photographer, go to My Account>Photographers, then click Add a New Photographer.



Next you will be prompted to enter in the photographer's information as well as permissions:

Tour Permissions: This can be different for each individual photographer. Will the photographer be able to publish tours? Will they also be able to edit ALL tours or just the ones they have been assigned to?

Customer Permissions: This can be different for each individual photographer. Will the photographer be able to to Add Customer Accounts? Will they be able to edit ALL customers or just the ones they have been assigned to?

Workflow: This can be different for each individual photographer.Should you be notified when the photographer has published a tour?

Once you've entered in all the information, click Create Photographer.

You can always make edits to a photographer by going to My Account>Photographers, then clicking Edit next to their name.

Make your changes and select Save.


Assign Photographer to a Customer

Go to Customers at the top of the page, then click Edit next to the customer.

In the customer's account, you will be able to select their default photographer from the dropdown:

Scroll to the bottom and Save.

Assign Photographer to a Tour

You can add a photographer to a tour in two ways

Add a Photographer directly in the Tour Information: 

Add a Photographer in the My Schedule Section: Click on the  under Shoot Date. In addition to the shoot date, time, and duration, you can assign the photographer and Save.


Once a photographer has been assigned to a tour, they will receive an Assignment email* containing the Tour Location, tour link, and customer contact information. They will be able to click on the tour link within the email to make any necessary changes to the Shoot Date/Time as well as mark it Confirmed.


Once a shoot has been confirmed, an email* will be sent to the customer (co-customer if applicable) and their assistant(s) letting them know of the confirmed shoot date and time, as well as the photographer they will be working with. 

*You can make edits to either of these email templates by going to My Account>Email Templates.



Just as you can keep track of your own schedule, you can also keep track of all of your photographers' schedules. 

To do this, go to My Schedule.

This page will automatically show Unassigned tours at the top. On the right, you can choose from a few options to filter out what exactly you would like to view.  

You will have the ability to download each individual photographer's calendar, the Unassigned Calendar, OR you can download the Master Calendar which will show everything. 

To add any of the calendars to your personal calendar on your computer or mobile device follow the instructions for Macs, WindowsAndroids, iPhones/iPads, or Google Calendar.


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