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Common Tourbuzz Questions & Answers

Why is music not playing on my mobile device?

Due to the fact that playing music on a mobile device may incur additional data charges from the visitors cellular network, most mobile devices (including iPad's and tablets) prevent audio files from automatically playing. 

This means that because there is no "Play" button to click when viewing the mobile tour, mobile devices will not play music in the background. However, we do have a new design, Fit, that supports mobile music players.

Why can't I see the branded tour?

Sometimes agents will click on the link to the unbranded tour and then go look at the branded tour, only to see the unbranded version again. This is because once the unbranded tour has been viewed, we cookie the browser and don't allow that user to see the branded tour for a 30-minute window. You can find more information on how to fix this here.

Why is the text on my Flyer so small? Can I change this?

The size of the text on the flyer is determined by how much text is there. Basically, the more text, the smaller the text. Here is some additional information on editing Flyers.

How do I purchase/buy credits?

You can purchase credits anywhere from 15 - 1500 credits at a time. Each credit is $1. However, if you purchase 150+ credits, that price drops to $0.80 per credit. You can purchase credits by going to My Account>Billing central. You can find further instructions here.

How do I deactivate a tour?

To deactivate a tour, edit the tour, and uncheck the Active box at the very bottom of the Info tab. If you have not published the tour, you will have an option to Delete the tour as well. Once the tour has been published, it cannot be deleted. You can find detailed instructions here.

What is a sponsor?

The sponsor feature adds a customized "Produced By" link at the bottom of each tour. Typically, the sponsor would be the photographer. Here is more information on creating a sponsor.

Why is my Facebook link not updating with new tour information?

When you post a tour to Facebook, Facebook caches the information, and doesn’t receive updates once it has done so. That means, if you make any changes to the address or change the main image for the property on TourBuzz, Facebook won’t automatically update with your new information. Here are instructions on how to update this.

Can I have more than one customer assigned to a tour?

In short, yes. You are able to have up to 2 agents listed on a tour. Here are the instructions on how to accomplish this.

How do I upload a video to YouTube?

The first step is to ensure your customer has connected their YouTube account. Here are instructions on how they can do this, as well as instructions on how you can do this. Once their account is setup, you will need to follow the steps to Export A Video of Tour.  Once you export the video, it will automatically be uploaded to your customer's YouTube account.

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