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How to Use Our Fit/Crisp/Zephyr Design as Your Mobile Tour

We have recently introduced our newest designs - Fit, Crisp, and Zephyr. These upgraded HTML5 designs provide users of mobile devices with the same high-quality tour experience as users of desktop machines and offer audio support!

Because of how friendly they are with mobile devices, we have made them available as an alternative Mobile/Tablet design for your legacy tours.

To use our Fit, Crisp, or Zephyr design as your mobile tour: 

Step 1: Edit your design

Click designs, then Edit to the right of the design you wish to update.

Step 2: Find the Mobile/Tablet design option

Scroll to the Options section and you will find the Mobile/Tablet Design option.

Step 3: Choose Fit, Crisp, or Zephyr as your mobile design

The drop-down provides three options: 1) Legacy - the mobile tour design will reflect the legacy design 2) Fit - allows Fit to be the design on a mobile device 3) Crisp - allows Crisp to be the design on a mobile device 4) Zephyr - allows Zephyr to be the design on a mobile device.


Step 4: Save

Once you've selected Fit, Crisp or Zephyr, scroll to the bottom and Save.



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