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Automatic Syndication to and Troubleshooting

This article will help explain how to syndicate to as well as troubleshoot error messages you may receive while syndicating. 

In this article we will cover:

 Picture Path:

Since TourBuzz allows you to use a branded domain name (ie for your tours, PicturePath requires that you have your own direct account with them because they generally allow only one tour domain name per PicturePath account. To learn more on how to set this up, click here. There is no charge to syndicate using your PicturePath credentials.  

If you do not use your own domain (ie you can syndicate to using Tourbuzz Credentials. Syndicating this way will also be no charge. Syndication process:

Tourbuzz has built in automatic syndication to In order to take advantage of this, all you need to do is select a MLS and enter in the MLS number into the MLS number field on the info tab of your tour editor.

Tourbuzz will instantly attempt to syndicate the listing to and attach the tour link to the listing. If the listing has not yet been sent to, we will automatically re-try the syndication process over the next 5 days. 

If you do not know the MLS number, or do not want the property syndicated to, enter TBD in the number field. 

*Anything other than the MLS number or TBD in the MLS number field will result in an error


Syndication Errors: 

If syndication to fails, Tourbuzz will send you an email letting you know what the error was. You can access a list of error messages by clicking on Tours (under the tourbuzz logo) and looking on the right side of the page. Below the search box, you'll see a link that says " Syndication Errors" 

*After Tourbuzz fails to syndicate the property, we will keep trying to syndicate for the next five days, or until the tour has been successfully syndicated. 

The most common errors are due to: incorrect MLS number, something other than the MLS number or TBD is in the MLS number field, the property is not active on or the property address in Tourbuzz, does not match the address on 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

If I deactivate my tour, will it still appear on

If you deactivate a tour, the link will be deactivated and no longer viewable on

What does this error message mean: The mls# submitted to wasn't found on; this is likely because the local MLS data hasn't yet sync'd to However, it could also be that the MLS# on the tour is incorrect, so you might want to double-check it. We will keep trying to re-submit for a while, and will let you know if the problem doesn't resolve itself. 

The error message means that we can't yet find the listing on, but double check the information you have given us to ensure we are looking for the right property.

It can take some time for the listing to appear and be found on and because of this, we will continue to attach the tour to for the next five days. 

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