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Set Up PicturePath Integration For

These instructions provide a high-level overview of what you have to do to set up automated submission via TourBuzz.

Since TourBuzz allows you to use a branded domain name (ie for your tours, PicturePath requires that you have your own direct account with them because they generally allow only one tour domain name per PicturePath account.

To set up automated distribution via TourBuzz, do the following:

  1. Contact PicturePath to set up an account. You can email them at
  2. Complete the forms that they give you and submit them to PicturePath. Approval typically takes 5-7 business days.
  3. Once you're set up on their system, they will usually make you submit one tour URL manually through their web interface to make sure that you know how to use their system and that your tours conform to their guidelines. They will then make your account "Live".
  4. Call them back and ask them to turn on "AUI" (Automated Update Interface) which enables your PicturePath account for electronic submission of tour links. When you ask them for this, they will warn you about how there is no test system for AUI and other such things. Just tell them that your web developer does systems for lots of virtual tour providers and you are ready to go live.
  5. Enter your PicturePath username and account on the TourBuzz "My Account" page.
  6. You can now electronically submit your tours to via TourBuzz. You can do this on the "Syndicate" tab of any tour.

Syndication to is now free for all tours. 

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