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How to Remove the Share Button from Your Tours

You may run into a situation where the Agent or Homeowner does not want the share button on their tours. To remove the share buttons, follow the instructions below. If you need help removing the share buttons, feel free to contact us.


 Step 1: Duplicate your design

To remove the share button go to Designs > Duplicate > and add *Design Name* No Share > Duplicate.

* This will create a duplicate version of the design so your existing tours will not be affected. 

Step 2: Edit your new custom design

Once you've created this new design, scroll down to custom design and select Default. 

*Doing this will allow you to add additional code to your tour template. 

 Step 3: Enter the CSS as shown below

Copy and past the code below into the top of the text box:

{literal}<style type="text/css">

.share, .share .addthis_toolbox {

display: none;




Your template should look like this. If it matches up hit save and apply that design to any tour you'd like to remove the share button from.  Screen_Shot_2015-08-25_at_1.55.25_PM.png

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