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Designs Overview

The thing that initially attracts most people to TourBuzz is our collection of big, beautiful tour designs. These showcase your photos cleanly and smoothly, and look great out of the box, but they can also be customized to match your branding, or the agent's, and can offer different functionality based on how they are set up. In this article, we'll take a high overview of all our designs, but we'll link to pages that go more in depth on each one.


A single-page website style design that presents an upgraded feel relative to a slideshow. This premium experience uses responsive technology to ensure the same thematic experience from any computer or device.



The International design features the largest viewing area of any branded virtual tour on the market today.



Sleek features a resizable tray for navigation (floor plans) so the viewer can choose how big they want the main image to be in relation to the overall experience.



Cutout features sharp borders around the main image and a simple tray of images over to the right hand side. This Design features one of the most striking UIs and is great for anyone looking for easy controls.



Simple, clean, and with a full-screen floor plan option.

Simplicity 2


Simplicity 2 has a semi-transparent overlay of information over the tour and a simple, neat UI for navigation in the lower right hand corner. It also features an easy-to-spot Full Screen button for users who want to view a Tour in as large a way as possible.

Mint Tea


One of our older designs, Mint Tea features a bold block of color around the Agent branding, allowing them to stand out on every tour.

Rounded Dock


A very clean design, with a smaller viewing area, Rounded Dock is all about simplicity.



Similar to Rounded Dock, but with more color and detail, Boxy continues to be a very popular design.

Your Custom Design


Commission a custom design to match your branding and style. Contact us for details.

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