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How to View Your Tourbuzz Schedule on your iPhone or iPad using iCal

Below are instructions to view your Tourbuzz calendar on your iPad or iPhone. If you have multiple photographers and want to set up each of their calendars on your device, you will have to complete the process for each photographer's calendar. 

Step 1: Go to the My Schedule Section within Tourbuzz

You can do this by logging into Tourbuzz and click on My Schedule (under the Tourbuzz logo)

Step 2: Open the iCal link

Click and hold the iCal link until a white box pops up and then click Open in   "Calendar"


Step 3: Subscribe

Another box will pop up asking if you would like to subscribe to this calendar. click, subscribe


Step 4: Your calendar setup is now complete

Your calendar has now been added to your iPhone/iPad calendar. To view your calendar click on "View Events" to complete the process, click "Done"



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