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How to View Your Tourbuzz Schedule on your Pc using Outlook 2013

Below are instructions to view your Tourbuzz calendar on your PC using Outlook 2013. If you have multiple photographers and want to set up each of their calendars on your Pc, you will have to complete the process for each photographer's calendar.

Step 1: Open Outlook

Make sure that Outlook is setup and running on your PC before you start this setup

Step 2: Go to the My Schedule page within Tourbuzz

Login to Tourbuzz and click on My Schedule (under Tourbuzz logo)

Step 3: Copy the Outlook Link

Right click on the Outlook on the right side of the page and click copy


Step 4: Go back to Outlook and click Open Calendar > From Internet                  Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_2.32.26_PM.png

Step 5: Paste the Outlook Link

Paste the link that you originally copied from Tourbuzz into the popup box, and hit ok.                       Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_2.40.45_PM.png

Step 6: Your calendar is now loaded onto Outlook!                     

Step 7: Edit your calendar

You can do this if you right click on the title of the calendar and click rename calendar, you can customize the name of your Tourbuzz Calendar.

Step 8: Send a reminder email

If you double click on any calendar time slot, an email will pop up, pre-populated with the shoot confirmation, customer name, phone number, map, and address. At this screen, you can update the shoot date and time and send yourself a reminder email.    

Step 9: Update your calendar

If you need to update your calendar, and Outlook hasn't done so already, there is an option to update your calendar at any time. To do so, at the top of the page, if you click on the Send/Receive Tab, and then click on Update Folder. Your calendar should now be updated.                              Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_3.04.15_PM.png


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