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Preview Many Designs on Same Tour

You can preview any design on any of your tours. This is a great way to show Agents multiple options without having to create multiple tours. You can leverage one tour to show many different features.

The best way to do this is directly in the tour editor itself

To do this, click edit next to your tour, then scroll to the Design options. Here you can select a design from the drop down, then select Preview Design. 

The tour will pop up in a new tab, and you can retrieve the URL from there. As you change the design and click preview, you will notice the last string of numbers will change:



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    Brad Hepp

    I like this. It would be helpful if you were to add a reminder here about where we'd find all the Design ID numbers.

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    Michael Speake

    Is there a place I can see a sample of all the preset designs at once?

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    Paul Rodman

    The easiest place to see all Designs is on the tourbuzz page:


    You can find the Design ID's by Editing the Design. The number is located at the end of the URL in the browser.



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