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How to Remove Border from Customer Logo on New Designs

If you want to remove the white border from the Agent logo in Simplicity 2, Sleek, Cut Out or International you need to replace the existing code with the code below. You can do this in the custom design box where you would edit your design

Please note. Editing designs can be tricky and if you need help, please email us at


<div id="agentInfo" class="tourSkinColor_backgroundTopLeft">
<div class="photo-wrapper">
{WFView id="coCustomerPhoto"}
{WFView id="agentPhoto"}

<style type="text/css">
#agentPhoto, #coCustomerPhoto, #agentLogo {
border: 0;


{WFView id="agentLogo"}
<div id="agentInfoInner">
{WFView id="customerFullName"}{WFViewHiddenHelper id="coCustomerFullName"} & {WFView id="coCustomerFullName"}{/WFViewHiddenHelper}<br />
{WFViewHiddenHelper id="customerCompany"}<b>{WFView id="customerCompany"}</b><br />{/WFViewHiddenHelper}
{WFViewHiddenHelper id="customerContactPhone"}{WFView id="customerContactPhone"}{WFViewHiddenHelper id="coCustomerContactPhone"} & {WFView
id="coCustomerContactPhone"}{/WFViewHiddenHelper}<br />{/WFViewHiddenHelper}
{WFViewHiddenHelper id="customerEmail"}{WFView id="customerEmail"}{WFViewHiddenHelper id="coCustomerEmail"} & {WFView id="coCustomerEmail"}{/WFViewHiddenHelper}<br />{/WFViewHiddenHelper}{if $TourDisplaySettings->okExternalLinks()}{WFViewHiddenHelper id="customerWebSite"}{WFView id="customerWebSite"}{WFViewHiddenHelper id="coCustomerWebSite"} & {WFView
id="coCustomerWebSite"}{/WFViewHiddenHelper}<br />{/WFViewHiddenHelper}{/if}

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