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How to Invite Your Customer to the Client Panel

When you publish your first tour for a customer, the Tourbuzz system will automatically invite your customer to access the client panel on your behalf. 

The Invite doesn’t expire and will take the customer to a page to request a username and access to the client panel. The next email the customer will receive, which walks them through setting up a password, does expire which means they must create a password within 4 hours of receiving the link. 

Read on below to view both emails, or skip to the bottom and watch our tutorial video covering this process. 

Here is the first email:


Hello (Your Name),

Our Client Center allows you to access all of your tours, order new tours, and more all from a single interface.

To access the Client Center please follow the security confirmation link.

After confirming you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your account.


Here is the second:

 A password reset was requested for your account:

 Username: yourusername

 Click here to pick a new password for your account.

 This link will expire in 4 hours.

 If you did not request for your password to be reset, you can ignore this email. Your password has not been changed.



 Watch the video below to view the whole process:


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