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How to Add Narration To Your Tour

Tourbuzz has an option for you to upload your own voiceovers and narration.

To access Tourbuzz's narration services:

Step 1: Head to the narration manager

To do this, click on the Edit Narration button, located above the info tab of your tour editor. 

Step 2: Upload your own audio

You are now at our Narration Manager. Here you can upload your own narration tracks directly through Tourbuzz. Once added, be sure to scroll to the bottom and click save narration.

Step 3: Order Custom Narration

If you do not have your own audio clips, you can order through many different resources online! We first suggest adding a description to the individual photos you wish to have narrated. You can do this by going back to your tour editor and hitting edit on your photo. A description box will show up on this page and you will be able to add descriptions in that box. The more specific the description is, the better the narration will turn out. 


Finally, you will want to send the tour link to your 3rd party. The link to use is located on the right hand side of the Narration Manager page. This link will allow them to add the narration to your tour, without needing a Tourbuzz account! Please keep in mind, this link updates every 7 days. 


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