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How to Resend the Tour Announcement Email

When you publish a tour, an email is sent out to the customer's email address announcing that it has been published and providing your customer with some useful links. The links included in the announcement email are as follows:

  • Branded Tour Link
  • Unbranded (IDX / MLS Compliant) Tour Link
  • Simple Layout Link (This only applies to older designs)
  • A link to the Client Panel where the customer can download images see tour statistics, and access additional tour links.
At any time after your tour has been published, you can resend an announcement email to your Customer by clicking the button below. This is found on the main Tour Edit page.
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  • 0
    Jeff Morris

    Okay, so how do you re-send the announcement?

  • 0
    Sam E. Lawrence


    Sorry about that. I've now updated this document to show more clear instructions. Let me know if you still have questions.

  • 0
    Jeff Morris

    Thanks for the quick update!

  • 0
    Rick Alexander

    An announcement should NOT be sent automatically. The tour may not even be ready yet. The announcement should ONLY be sent by the Announce button. If you are using a custom domain, it is very confusing for the client to receive 2 contradictory emails.

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