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Create A "More Info" Tab

On any tour you can create a “more info” tab above the tour with a subsequent popover box with more details about the property.  If you’re familiar with HTML you can also add videos or formatted web pages as content.  For your convenience the information is also automatically added to your flyer. 

The settings are found in the Info Tab → Listing Information → Description.  Scroll below for screen shots...



Location for the settings:

Towards the bottom of the Tour Info Section, you will find:


Missing Text:

If you find that text you have entered isn't showing up in the Info section, it may be because you have pasted "rich text" (text with lots of formatting included), and that our system either cannot recognize it, or it is inserting too many line breaks. First check that your text begins on line 1 by going to the beginning of your block of text, and hitting backspace all the way to the start of the entry window. Also remember to check for false line breaks after your block of text.
If your text still looks funny or isn't showing up, make sure to strip out any formatting. You can either do this when you paste your text in, or by selecting it all and then removing formatting.
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