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How do I changed the "Produced By" Section of my tour?

The Sponsor feature adds a customized “Produced By” link to the lower right corner of a tour.  

It's designed to promote photographers by linking viewers to a desired webpage, homepage, Flickr, or SmugMug account. Typically photographers use it to promote themselves. On the bottom, center, a link is created with “produced by”. Creating links back to your website on every tour helps your SEO. 

* We do not currently support the photographer logo on the tour.

To edit your Sponsor Text or update the URL, follow the instructions below: 
Step 1: Head to My Account > Sponsors
When you sign up for an account with Tourbuzz, we automatically create a sponsor for you with your listed company name and website. 
Step 2: Edit your sponsor
On the next screen you'll see your sponsor. Click edit to edit your sponsor or "Add New" on the right side to create a new sponsor.
Step 3: Add/Update your information
Here you can change the URL and make any changes you need to your company name. Make sure to click save when you are done entering the information. 
Step 4: Apply your sponsor to your tour. 
If you all you have done is updated your sponsor, then your new information should already be updated on the tour. To be sure lets check. Head to Tours (under the Tourbuzz logo) and edit on a tour. You'll want to head to the info tab and double check that your sponsor is assigned to the tour.
If you want to use a specific sponsor for one customer, or for all tours you create you can do so by choosing your sponsor in either account settings or the customer record. 

The image below displays what your sponsor link may look like. 

The location of this link is determined by your design and design settings


For more information, watch our video on how to create a sponsor




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