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Run the Offline Tour

TourBuzz has an offline tour feature that allows you to run the tour on a computer even if you don't have internet connection. The offline tour can be run from a hard disk, CD, thumb drive, etc, but you do need a browser to open and access the offline tour. If you are looking to burn the tour onto a DVD, check out our support article here.

*Please note: The offline tour is not available for our Zephyr, Crisp, Fit or Sidebar Designs. 

*If you are on a PC and having trouble accessing our offline tour, please take a look at our support article here:

To get the offline tour for any tour, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click Edit next to the tour


Step 2: Click on Tour Links

Step 3: Click the Offline Tour Link

Step 4: If prompted, save the file. 

The offline tour comes as a zip file.

Step 5: Unzip the folder

Your browser may automatically unzip it, if not, you will need to manually unzip the file (crucial step).  Here is a 3rd party program that can do it free:

You should have a folder with an HTML file, and an autorun.inf file, and a www folder.

  1. - The HTML file is the actual tour.
  2. - The autorun.inf file causes the tour to auto-play when the disk is inserted. Due to security concerns, this feature only works on Windows, Win98 and older.
  3. - The www folder contains all of the tour images and other things needed to make the tour run properly. 

Step 6: View the offline tour

You can preview the offline tour by opening the HTML file. Some people prefer to rename the HTML file to something like "Open to View Tour.html". It's fine to do this, just be sure that you don't alter the .html extension.

Add all items to your blank disc and burn it.

To run the offline tour, just open the HTML file and the tour should open up!

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  • 0
    Chris Chaffee

    Can a disc be created that will play on a standard DVD player hooked to a television? Many realtors would like to have these to hand out at open house events.

  • 0
    Nina Everitt

    Few people are still using Win98 and older.  When will this feature be updated so clients can just insert the disk and have it run? 

    And it does NO GOOD for folks who download the "offline tour" from their browser because they (often technically challenged), won't be able to figure out how to run the tour without instructions!  Can the downloaded files at least include an instructions text file?

  • 0
    Sam E. Lawrence

    If you want to create a tour that can be played in a DVD player, you will need to export a video file of the tour. Instructions on how to create these playable DVDs can be found here.

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