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Create a Heatmap of My Tours

It is possible to create a heat map of your tours to visually show where most of your tours or properties are located. The tutorial below will walk you through setting this up. 

Step 1: Download Your Tour Report.  

This report now includes Latitude and Longitude for each address.

Step 2: Remove and columns from your spreadsheet that you do not wish to include on the heat map.  

Any columns that you leave will be included on the data points when they are mapped. Please note --> DO NOT delete latitude and longitude.

Step 3: Save your file

Save your file as an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV, or move it to a Google Spreadsheet.

Step 4: Create Your Map

Navigate to and click "Create Your Map".  Then select the location of your spreadsheet, and select the file for upload (or copy and paste the URL of your Google Sheet).

Step 5: Click "View Your Map"

Step 6: Customize Your Map

The next screen will allow you to customize the map. You can change the color, size, transparency, style, etc. of the map from here.  Once you are finished click "Save & View".

Step 7: Use the tools to share or embed the map.

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