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What Resources Are There For Voiceovers?

Many tours use background music, but did you know that you can also add voiceover tracks, either per photo or to the tour as a whole?

If some of you are looking to take advantage of this feature but are looking for a specific voice to read whatever copy you have about the house, there are some great resources online.

  • /r/recordthis/ - A subreddit of voice actors looking for work. Lots of them have demo reels on SoundCloud.
  • Fiverr - A community of small job and service listings, all of which cost $5.
If you want the audio clips to be per room or per photo, we suggest asking your voice talent to split the tracks up for you. Most can do this easily and will be willing to.

Scott Perry has also started offering voiceovers:

My fee for voice only virtual tour narration up to 3 minutes in length is only $29.99. Turnaround time is approximately 24 hours and is recorded in mp3 format emailed directly to you once completed. And in the event you have a minor edit to your voice over script, I'll gladly re-record at no additional charge.

Please feel free to view my voice over samples at ( or


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