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How to Create a Customer Group

If you have several customers associated with the same company/office, you can create a Customer Group to appoint an Admin for their group.

Ex: Bob, Jane, and Joe all work in the same brokerage; however, Fran, the assistant, needs access to all of their tours.

Step 1: Open Customer Groups

Go to My Account>Customer Groups. 

Step 2: Create a Customer Group

Select Create Group and give a name for this group.

Step 3: Edit the customer group

This Group name will now appear is your list of Groups. Select Edit to add people to this group.              


Step 4: Add the group members

Select Add Group Members and check the box to the left of each person you would like in this group. Select Add “#” customers to group.


Step 5: Assign an Admin

Assign 1+ customer as an Admin (admins will have the ability to edit all tours associated with this group).

Step 6: Save

To do this, select Close.

*All changes that need to be made to a group must be completed by a photographer. Agents will not have access to add/edit the members of the group.

For more information, watch our video on adding customer groups

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