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Silk is our latest single property web experience that allows you to market a property with a website look and feel. Silk provides a modern, sleek, single property marketing website experience.

We understand the modern home buyer needs more than stimulating images to drive interest in the home. Other factors, such as schools and businesses within walking distance, are an example of how integration between data and beautiful imagery can deliver value. Silk seamlessly blends these needs together in an easy to consume presentation that is responsive and mobile friendly.


Silk Key Features

  • Single page experience
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Highlight reel at the top of the page to showcase the top 8 images of the property with full image gallery below
  • Supports all media types: still images, videos, panoramas, Matterport 3D, and floor plans
  • Design options that control the presentation style.
  • A design option that will display a persistent shortcut bar across the bottom of the browser window.
  • New inline form to contact agent
  • Simple color selection. All you have to do is pick the primary color and do we the rest.

Customization Options


Options Defined


This can be anything you’d like. For example, if you needed to create a new Silk option to reflect the colors of Keller William, you can set the nickname to “Silk [Keller Williams]” to make it easily stand out.

Primary color 

This design uses a primary color value to calculate the supporting and accent colors. The design requires you to pick a primary color that is on the darker side. You can use any hue, it just has to be a deep shade of the hue.

Base Font

This setting defines what font will be reflected throughout the page.

Number of images to display in highlight reel

The Highlight Reel is designed to showcase the top 8 images of the property with full image gallery below. By default, this is set to display the first 8 images/videos. To turn this setting “off”, simply change this to display 1 image.  It can be seen here:


Media Layout

We have two styles, the first displays all the media sections inline in the design and the second creates media section areas.


Shortcut Bar

This setting allows you to display a persistent shortcut bar across the bottom of the browser window.

Image Name Visibility

This setting lets you define whether the image titles/description will appear within the image slideshow

Slideshow Transition

Here you have several options with how you would like the transition between photos to appear

Highlight reel transition

If you have the highlight reel setting at 8 images, this setting will define the transition between those 8 images. (*will not apply if highlight reel is set to 1 image)

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