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How to start collecting payment with Stripe

Do you have scraps of paper with credit card numbers littering your desk? Are you spending more than a few minutes a day chasing clients to pay their bills? What if you could manage all your invoicing and payment collections within Tourbuzz?

Well today, you're in luck! You can use our payment collection feature to capture your customer's credit card by requiring payment on a tour and on your next tour, charge the customer's credit card upon delivery! You can find tutorials on how to do this below, including: 

- How to require payment from your customer

- How to charge a card on delivery

- Getting Paid via Invoices

- Caveats and Limitations


Note: This is available to Stripe users only. For more information on using Stripe, click here.

Requiring Payment via Stripe

When you are ready to publish a tour, click “Deliver”.


Select between a virtual tour and photo delivery, or just the photos.

To require payment before the client can access the photos, click the checkbox to “require payment to release tour”. Enter the amount due. Click “Deliver” to proceed.


The next screen in the Email Template to send the “Awaiting Payment” email notification. Make any desired changes and select “Send Payment Notification” to send.


The next email template is the tour announcement email.

It will be sent when your client has paid the outstanding balance for their tour and the tour is no longer awaiting payment. Make any desired changes and select “Send Announcement Upon Payment” to send or skip to only send the “Awaiting Payment” email.


Your tour is now waiting for payment to automatically publish. Once your customer pays, your client’s card will be securely on file, so you can seamlessly charge them for future tours during the delivery process.

If for some reason you would like to release a tour from awaiting payment you can do so in the tour editor. Simply select the “Release Tour” button. You will be prompted to confirm, click “continue.” Your tour has been published, released to your client,  and the announcement has been sent.

Payment Collection via Stripe Stored Information

If you already have your clients credit card on file, you can charge it using the “Delivery” function in the tour as well.


Simply click “Deliver”, Then once in the options screen select “Charge Card on File”. Enter the amount and any applicable notes. Click “deliver” to proceed.


The next screen will prompt you to send the Announce Tour email letting your customer know their tour is ready. Make any desired updates to the email and click “Send Announcement” to let your client know their media is ready!


Payment has been collected, your tour published, and your client notified!


Caveats and Limitations

When you require payment on a tour the tour is not published until the customer has paid. This means that you cannot export a tour to video until after your customer has paid. If you would like to export a video for your customer, simply wait until after the customer has paid and come back to the tour to create your video. 

If this causes any problems for you, you may want to collect your customer's credit card prior to delivery so that you can charge the card on file and publish the tour, all in one step. 

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