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What is Animoto?

Animoto is an alternative way to provide MP4 videos of tours to your customers. Animoto offers a few different pricing options - anywhere from $8 per month to $64 per month. You can learn more about their cost and what each package offers here.

To create an Animoto video using images from your tours, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Connect Account

Click Edit next to the tour you wish to create a video for. Click Export Tour as Video, then click "Create an animoto project" to get started.

Step 2: Login to Animoto

Enter your Animoto login credentials OR Signup if you do not have an account.

Step 3: Select your Video Style

Once logged in, you will be prompted to select your video style. They have several different styles to choose from. Simply click on a style to preview it, then click "select style" to continue.

Step 4: Video Setup

You will then be brought to the Slideshow Video setup page. Here you will notice all your images from your tour in Tourbuzz will be there.

You can drag and drop images to rearrange them, give them captions, as well as change the music. Depending on your Animoto subscription, you'll also be able to upload your own personal logo.

Step 5: Produce Video

Once you’ve made your edits, click Preview Video. Then if all looks good, click “Produce.”

Here you will give your video a title and description. You can also select which image to use as the Cover image. Select the Video Quality (you can select more than one), then click Finish.

Step 6: Share

Once the video is created, you can download it to your computer, share it on social media, or even add it to your tour within Tourbuzz. Visit our support article on Custom Links to learn how to add it to your tours in Tourbuzz.

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